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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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seven people wounded after someone opens fire on this street in san francisco last night. what police say prompted the shooting. >> a huge fire gutted a former auto shop in vallejo.
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why this fire is being tied to a growing problem in the former navy town. >> also eight people now confirmed dead in that landslide in the state of washington. why hope is fading for finding survivors. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we are live outside of a convenient store in san francisco. that is where a gunman shot into a crowd of people late last night injuring seven people. ktvu alex savidge has been following this investigation all morning long and police are still searching for the suspect. he will tell us what happened just moments before that shooting. we'll check in with him in a moment. it's monday march 24th i'm pam cook. >> not making a really strong
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push inland yet. but parts of the bay. it will be a little warmer today for those away from the waters edge. inland temps will bump up limited 70s. maybe upper 70s for a few. patchy low clouds. they are not going anywhere because that system will enhance that tonight into tomorrow. by tuesday into wednesday not only clouds but rain and wednesday looks pretty good for everybody on the rain. in fact, a quarter inch to alabama inch some of the high -- quarter inch to an inch of the higher elevations. you can see the fog beginning to enhance. much cooler today on the coast. 40s to 50s and 30s for a few. 20s up in the mountains. 39 ukiah so they are in on that. this system is on its way but today 50 and 60s by the coast. here is sal. we are looking at a compute commute that is getting busier by the moment. you can see traffic at the toll
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plaza is backed up to about the 880 over crossing. it's not a big deal. this is usually what happens. but you will be waiting for a 20-25 minute or your drive time will be about 20-25 minutes. not a huge deal but again it's a much more than it was even about an hour ago. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. and that traffic looks good. a little farther down we have slowing in hayward as you can see southbound a little bit slow traffic here as you drive through. and then in santa clara valley 101 and 85 still look good as you take the 85 commute. right now is a good time. it still looks pretty good. 6:03 let's go back to the desk. bullets fly into a crowd of people in san francisco injuring seven people. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge has more on what happened just moments before someone started shooting. >> reporter: pam, good morning, to you. police say this all began with a fight of some kind and that is when someone pulled out a gun and began firing into a
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crowd of people who were all standing on the sidewalk in front of these two markets at the intersection of turk and taylor. the shooting was just before 9:00 last fight. seven people were hit by gunfire. all of them transported to san francisco general. most of those victims were struck in their arms and legs. and everyone who was shot is expected to survive. police can't say at this point what the motive was for the shooting or exactly what prompted that fight that preceded the gunfire but the shooter was able to get away in a car. this morning police don't have a description on that person who fired into the crowd. investigators are checking surveillance video from nearby buildings and businesses hoping they can recover some evidence and get an idea who this shooter was and hopefully make an arrest soon. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a couple of hours before that shooting a man was stabbed after a fight on geary
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boulevard near polk street. his condition is not known at this point. so far police have not released any more information about a suspect. time is 6:04. vallejo investigators say a huge fire yesterday evening started in a homeless camp. it was first reported around 5:00 in an abandoned building. that building used to house an auto shop. burning tires and thick clouds of smoke. you can see it as far away as ma rain county. >> it was very big. in fact, there are so many tires. people throw tire here. everyone. this empty lot. people throw garbage. >> there was no injuries but the huge flames destroyed the building. investigators say homeless squatters living outside the building they started the fire. this is a second fire in vallejo in the past month that is tied to a homeless camp. investigators blame quarters
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for starting this -- squatters for starting this fire. it gutted an old army surplus store. the homeless that started the fire were trying to stay warm. vallejo police were reporting a growing number of homeless people in this once busy navy town. ktvu brian flores will have more on this story coming up at 6:45. children at an elementary school will be visited today by specially trained comfort dogs. susan and her mother-in-law were killed. 30-year-old nicholas the man driving the truck is accused of being high on marijuana and using his cell phone while driving. a man on his bicycle was hit by a car outside of golden gate park yesterday afternoon. he was in the crosswalk at great highway and lincoln avenue and did not have the right of way. the cyclist appeared to be under the influence. he was taken to the hospital
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with a head injury. a couple from danville will make a big step toward getting a patient safety measure. they are the children that were killed by a drugged driver in a hit and run accident more than ten years ago. their parents will turn in petitions supporting that new measure. if it's approved, it would crack down on prescription drug abuse by doctors and patients as well as doctors who over prescribe drugs to their patients. today by the way is world tuberculosis day. santa clara county is marking the day. they are educating the county why tb is a problem. they have more tb cases than in 38 u.s. states and many more people are at risk. doctors say one of the biggest issues is one strain of tb that is resistant to several drugs used to fight the disease.
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most exilians will see a big drunk in one of their insurance proceed yums. san rafael another community that suffered federal communities. but the national flood insurance program is now deeply in debt and cutting its subbase. sister saturday's landslide nearly leveled one square mile. they are blaming the mud slide on last month's heavy rainfall. the ground become so saturated with water that it just gave way. at least six houses were completely destroyed. 16 others damaged. >> it's been very surreal. the tragedy is unthinkable. we are just praying for the
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best and hoping. evacuation orders have been lifted. authorities say the orders could be reissued at any time. nearby areas still at risk of flooding. the governor says every effort is being made to find survivors. time is 6:08. this is unusual custom officials have made an unusual discovery at an airport in germany. they found 12-ounces of cocaine hidden in a box of con trap septemberives and it was addressed to the vatican. officials set up a sting operation after making up the seizure but they still couldn't figure out who was to get that cocaine. any of the 800 people who live and work in vatican city may have been the intended recipient. right now it is 6:09. it is a commuters worst nightmare. how a trip to one of the busiest airports ended up with a trip to the hospital.
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>> we are locking at a commute that is getting more filled in now as you can see the east shore freeway is more crowded. coming up we will tell you what the toll plaza delay is like. >> some fog is definitely enhancing on the coast. not making much of a push inland. today a little warmer. [doorbell rings]
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welcome back. tile is 6:12. police in zillion -- san lorenzo investigating a drive by shooting. it's right near san lorenzo park. police say this was not a random shooting and both of the victims were targeted. we have no details about the motive or kind of car police are searching for. both of the shooting victims are expected to recover. today we will get a close look at the first faze of demolition for the old eastern span of the bay bridge. crews will start cutting an separating the mid span of the old bridge for the last few months many drivers have seen a big difference as crews start bringing down that old span. the entire demolition is expected to take three years. popular park in san francisco's knob hill neighborhood could feature a high fence. it silts where the historic huntington mansion once stood. supporters say the fence would
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restore historical significance to the park by using some of the mansion's old fencing and address some safety concerns. opponents say the fence would make the mark less welcoming. the $1.4 million project is pending approval. happening today alaska marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most -- one of the worst environmental disasters in history. 11million gallons of oil spilled into the waters of prince william sound in 1989. it contaminated 1300 miles of shoreline. i remember it killed millions of birds, fish, and other wildlife. just 13 of the 32 species that were hurt by the spill have recovered. the anniversary of the spill comes as crews work to clean up an oil spill in texas. this one has shut down a key shipping channel. the spill happened on saturday
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when a barge that was carrying almost a million gallons of oil collided with a ship. that spill has shut down the shipping channel that connects galveston bay and the gulf of mexico. several birds have been found covered in oil out there. they have been taken to a wildlife rehab center. >> we want there to be a healthy and productive place for them to come feed and rest. >> several boats have been trapped by the closure of that channel including three cruise ships. the senate intelligence committee is scheduled to vote on whether to release key sections of a report on terrorism and interrogations. it could shed more light on interrogation tactics. now the cia says the report under estimates the value of interrogation techniques like water boarding. president obama will have the final say on whether or not to release the findings. time is 6:15.
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right now the murder trial in south africa continues. i want to show you video of oscar pistorius arriving at the courthouse today. oscar pistorius is accused of murdering his girlfriend. he's admitted to shooting her but says he thought she was an intruder. >> happening today the nfl owners meet in florida to discuss more than a dozen possible rule changes. now they include moving back the line of scrimmage to the 25- yard line for extra points. expanding the playoff field from 12-14 teams. and eliminating overtime in preseason games. the owners are expected to decide next year whether to impose a mandatory 15-yard penalty on any player who uses the "n" word or any other racial slur on the field. here in the bay area almost 10,000 people put on their running shoes for this year's
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oakland running festival. organizers say more people took part this year than ever before. almost $5 million was generated by the local economy. it also brought out local celebrities. >> it is just fantastic. >> quite a few oakland residents made the top rankings on the leader board out there. two women from oakland won first place for the women's 5k and for the women's marathon. three men from oakland won the top three spots for the men's half marathon. ktvu and tv 26 are loud to be
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sponsors. it's a wonderful program encouraging children to make a positive impact in their communities. on wednesday thousands of local kids will gather. they will celebrate the workday done helping others. ktvu will be live streaming the entire event. it all starts at 9:00. you can also check out our link at right now it is 6:18. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. sal. >> and we do have a look at the commute that is getting a lot busier. first of all highway 4 is pretty slow coming out of bay point. a lot of waiting at the metering lights. but we don't have any major collisions along the way between antioch and this point here in bay point. just looking at the list here. westbound four there was something there but now all the vehicles are on the shoulder.
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let's take a look at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. almost to the foot of the maize. and outlined 85 for you here in the white you can -- usually we see slow traffic. right now it's doing very well on 85 and 280. let's go to steve. a little shout out for ashley. the fog is increasing down there. the fog on sunday was really extensive. it's not showing that today. this will be inland.
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it's getting helped along by this system right there. and that will play into our weather. the low coming in the cold air on wednesday. there are 30s in mendocino county and lake county. 46 half-moon bay. 24 up in tahoe. there are some cold readings for some. you can see the system here still a ways away but it will definitely give us more of a westerly breeze here. the cloud rain forecast is fine. you may have a little wet commute there. then we go tuesday boom wednesday and the rain picks up
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again. especially wednesday morning and again on thursday. winter tomorrow watch out for the sierra. that does not start until tuesday around. snow levels starting off 7,000. maybe around 4500 feet by late wednesday and above 7,000. they will have feet of snow. snot just a coup -- not just a couple of inches. fog, sun, warm away from the coast. so temperatures anywhere from 60s to upper 60s or low 70s close to the bay. brentwood and oakley at 77.
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san jose at 73. 60s on the coast. low pacifica, daily city. san mateo. ford claimed it has the most papular police. it sold 14,000. that is the police version of the explorer. it also sold nearly 11,000 torr races. the combined sales give ford nearly half of all u.s. sales to law enforcement agencies. time is 6:22. a man accused of peeping at a woman has been arrested in east palo alto. the household services he used to find a victim and how it also led to his arrest. >> a double amputee riding his
6:23 am
bike nearly 5,000 miles away.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 6:25. supporters proposing a soda tax in san francisco plan to make their case at a town hall meeting tonight. some supervisors want to put a measure on the november ballot
6:26 am
that would essentially charge an extra quarter for a 12-ounce can of soda. it would generate $30 million a year. opponents say the tax raises the cost of living for consumers and hurts local businesses. the meeting will take place at st. mary's medical centers morsi hall at 6:00. time is 6:25. happening now president obama is in the netherlands for two days of meetings with other world leaders. i want to show you naevoid video. the president meeting with the president of china. the crisis in ukraine that is now dominating the gathering. >> europe and america have united in our support of the ukrainian government and the ukrainian people. we are united in imposing a cost on russia for its actions so far. >> now while he's in europe this week, president obama will also visit belgium, and italy and he will be meeting with pope francis at the vatican.
6:27 am
meantime russian troops keep moving into military bases in the crimean region of ukraine. the russian defense ministry says the russian flag is now flying over 189 military facilities in crimea. russia formerly annexed crimea last week. that has been criticized by the united states and other western nations. there are also reports thousands of russian troops are deployed all along the ukrainian border. that is raising fears russia may be willing to take over other parts of ukraine. a double amputee u.s. marine corp vet is crossing the country riding his bike. he lost both of his legs above the knee. he started his ride in october and biked more than 4,000 miles. he's trying to raise awareness for other injured veterans. he will cycle through san francisco on wednesday and make his way to san diego where he will finish his ride. 6:27 is the time.
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possible development in the search for the missing malaysia airlines jet. the reports of objects spotted by an australian search plane and how soon the objects could be retrieved. >> if you used your credit card at the dmv recently, you might want to check your activity. we are live in the south bay tracking developments of a potential security breach. >> if you are looking at getting on the road soon, 880 oakland doesn't look too bad but up the road you will see some slowing. >> low clouds and fog starting to enhance on the coast. there is an actual cold front on the way for tuesday afternoon, evening. until then will it be a little warmer? here, like this. and then cover the papi. announcer: the moment babies are born, their brains are forming the connections that determine how they learn...think...and grow. in the sky. [ babbles ] talk and read to your children from day one. this is tomato soup. announcer: their brains are actually developing with your every word. it's free, easy, and something you can do anytime.
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talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are taking you live. we were outside of a dmv
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office. if you made payments to the dmv recently double check your bank account today. ktvu janine de la vega is there. she will have a live report on possible security breaches at the dmv. this could effect thousands of people. stay tuned for that. good morning. thank you for joining us here. ktvu channel 2 morning thinks. it's monday, march 24th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. 6:31 is the time. steve says pretty nice today. there it is over your shoulder. >> what lint? oh the front. right there. [ laughter ] we do have fog. it looks like it's expanding north to south but not so much inland as it did yesterday morning. a little warmer away from the coast as high pressure builds over for one more day. it looks like it will get knocked over for awhile. patchy morning low clouds that will definitely favor areas closer to the coast. temperature drop. clouds roll in and pretty good changes for us. finally looks like a pattern of
6:32 am
rain. first the front and then we deal with the area of low pressure. the possibility of thundershowers as we head toward wednesday. plenty going on here moving forward. 30s a couple of them here. novato is there now. 40s for many or upper 40s. tomorrow we will deal with this system but today if you are not by the waters edge probably a little on the warmer side. coastal fog will be on the pick up tonight into tomorrow. mid 70s for some. low 60s closer to the beaches. here's sal. steve, good morning. we are looking at slow traffic now at the bay bridge toll plaza. we haven't had a lot of incidents but we certainly have a lot of slow traffic now and the drive times if you take into account waiting at the toll plaza is almost 40 minutes here. it's about a half hour at the toll plaza and another 10 on the actual span. moving along and taking a look at at 880 north and southbound
6:33 am
the traffic does look okay as you drive past the coliseum. san francisco had a little bit of slowing because of a minor accident. it hasn't caused major traffic jam yet. this is a look at the san jose area. northbound 101 beginning to slow down on the way up to 880. 280 and 85 are still looking good if you want to get on the road early this friday morning, you might beat the crowd in the santa clara valley. let's go back to the desk. we have new details in san francisco where seven people were shot. ktvu alex savidge is at the scene now to tell us what police are focused on in a search for the suspect. >> reporter: good morning. police believe this began with a fight of some kind last night and ultimately someone pulled out a gun here on the sidewalk across the street from us. in fact, you can see bullet holes, bullets went through the window of this one store here. shattering that window. this is near the intersection
6:34 am
of turk and taylor. let me show you cell phone video that was posted online. it shows the victims on the ground. this shooting happened just before 9:00 last night. seven people were hit by gunfire, all of them were transported to san francisco general. most of the victims were struck in the arms and the legs. and everyone who was shot is expected to survive. police can't say exactly what the motive may have been for the shooting or what prompted that initial argument that proceeded the gunfire. the shooter was able to get away in a car. police don't have a description on that getaway car. they also don't have a description of the person who opened fire. they are working on that. they are checking surveillance video from nearby buildings to get a better look at the perk who opened fire into a crowd leaving seven people wounded last night. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news.
6:35 am
time is 6:34. thanks to a sting operation, police have arrested a man they say repeatedly sexually harassed a woman. 20-year-old carlos of east palo alto was arrested thursday. the alleged victim told ktvu news he offered to trim the trees at her home on chaning avenue. she told him no but he refused to leave and sat outside of her home in his car. then she says he came back and made repeated sexual suggestions. >> started commenting on my looks and how i'm dressed provocatively. >> police say the man had also taken pictures of the women through her windows. he did leave his business card with the woman so they used that car to set up a meeting and later arrested him. if you have gone to the california department of motor vehicles recently wow may want to look at your credit card activity. the dmv is looking into a potential security issue.
6:36 am
janine de la vega is joining us to explain why the agency is being so cautious. >> reporter: a lot of people prefer to renew their dmv registration by paying online. it's fast and convenient. but it's those type of online credit card transactions that are being investigated. law enforcement agencies alerted the dmv about the potential breach of its credit card processing services. the dmv maintains there is nonevidence of a direct breach but it's launching an investigation to be on the safe side. the possible stolen data includes the credit card numbers, the expiration date and the security code on the back of the card. the dmv is cooperating with state and federal authorities. the agency is reviewing its systems and investigating the outside render that processes credit card transactions and the credit card companies themselves. mastercard and the dmv are
6:37 am
encouraging customers to review their account statements and to immediately report unusual activity. reporting live from los gatos janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. small business in the east bay will have to pay a heavy price after a stolen atm. workers at the farm bureau market say someone broke in just before 5:00 yesterday morning and took the atm right from the wall. there wasn't a lot of money inside but repairing the damage could cost $5,000. >> there wasn't even that much money in there. there was $500 $600. really for that? you will do that much damage? >> this is the second atm stolen in the east bay in the last couple of weeks. another one was -- on march 10th. now to our continuing coverage of the missing ma laotian airlines -- malaysian airlines jet. they may have spotted debris from that jet. that is after a plane spotted
6:38 am
two white objects in the ocean. there are ten planes out there involved in the search. malaysian authorities talked about the latest developments. >> a few minutes ago the prime minister received a call from the prime minister of australia that says an aircraft had located two objects in the australian search area. one circular and one rectangular. >> if the objects turn to to be debris from the plane, they could be retrieved within the next couple of hours or in the morning at the latest. malaysia airlines says there was a problem with the plane's main generator however the auxiliary power unit was able to continue to supply power for that landing in hong kong. an eight carter commute train has derailed in chicago
6:39 am
after failing to stop at an under ground station in one of the busiest airports. it jumped off the tracks and on to the platform while pull into the o'hare international airport station. none of the injuries believed to be life threatening but investigators say the train was likely traveling too fast. giants third baseman pablo sandoval wants $90 million contract extension. so far the giants are not biting. sandoval is else available for free agency after this season but he's asked the giants for at least a five year $90 million contract extension. that is similar to the deal hunter pence signed last year. it's not clear if a deal will be reached by the opening day of baseball season next week. stanford moving on to the sweet 16 after pulling off a huge upset.
6:40 am
stanford beat the second seed kansas jay hawks. there is plenty of excitement down on the farm. >> it was just a huge upset it was great to see. especially for stanford basketball. we haven't made it there in awhile. >> it got close at the end but it worked out in the end. >> stanford plays dayton on thursday in memphis. dayton pulled off an upset of itself beating syracuse to make it to the sweet 16. and for more you can two to our website at and click on the sports tab. great basketball. a lot of it on in our house. >> i know. time is 6:40. higher food prices at the grocery store where the prices are really higher all because of the drought. >> we are live in vallejo where a fire at an abandoned building
6:41 am
started at a home less camp. >> we are still looking at traffic that is getting busier almost everywhere you look. north and southbound 101 traffic is moderately heavy but we look at the bay bridge and in the next report you will see how busy it is. >> lots of fog on or near the coast. not so much inland. we have pretty significant change on the way for this week. you can see it there in the top left.
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6:44 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning thinks. fire investigators in vallejo say a fire at an abandoned building was started by homeless people. brian flores is until vallejo this morning with why some are saying this is becoming a bigger problem out there imparticular. >> reporter: good morning. many people know that vallejo used to be a bustling navy town but with the economy you see more scenes like this. abandoned buildings, some red tagged. in this case investigators say homeless people were just trying to keep warm or warm their meals. this is a scene just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. every fire engine in the city of vallejo along with crews
6:45 am
from benicia responded to the four alarm fire at an abandoned building that used to be an auto shop. and it used to be a restaurant called the china barn. but thick black smoke could be seen as far away as marin county. it started from homeless quarters that were in the abandoned buildings. it's unclear how the fire started but homeless fires in the area have increased in recent weeks. >> with the economy, we have several buildings in the area that are are vacant and we have homeless members that are frequenting them. so they are habitatting these -- ha bitting these buildings. >> this is video from back in february of a fire at a building just a few blocks from here. that building used to be an army surplus store. investigators say this fire also started from a homeless
6:46 am
encampment. back out here live luckily no one was hurt in this fire. overall it took about an hour to put it out. live until vallejo brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. there is a shakeup surrounding the future of ring kong valley fire services. they want santa rosa to take over fighting in their district but the proposed shift threatens to derail a plan to consolidate their agencies. a vote on the schedule asked proposed tomorrow night. time is 6:46. california's drought has sparked a new push tour create and expand reservoirs. california has suffered through its third relatively dry intoner a row. but now congress is proposing raising the dam so store more water. and also creating a new reservoir in the sierra nevada. right along the upper san joaquin river. the debate continues over who
6:47 am
would pay for all those projects. produce prices and other food prices may shoot up because of the drought. farmers say the drought makes water more expensive and they have no choice they have to pass the cost on to customers. the highest price hikes are expected to for tomatoes, melons, and peaches. >> everything you know fruits, almonds, anything that is water will be. >> farmer essay the price could also go up for feed as well. price hikes could extent to meat and poultry. it is 6:47. that means it is time once again to check in with tori campbell for a look at what is coming up. >> good morning, pam and dave. coming up in minutes there will be a news conference in automens on the search for the missing malaysia planes are ships are moving in to recover objects spotted in the indian ocean. we'll have an update the minute any new information is revealed. we're also learning more at the man accused of killing a
6:48 am
minute see though county sheriffs deputy last week. why he was released from jail after a crime spree that started in oregon. >> and why a half mile bike bath connector to the new eastern span of the bay bridge that cost nearly $10 million is being torn down. only seven months after it opened. now back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:48. let's bring sal back. can you take care of everybody this morning? trying to. we've been looking at the list here and we don't have a lot going on when it comes to major crashes but we already have slow traffic on highway 4. we had a minor crash near willow pass road. things are a little behind schedule here. this morning's commit has also been slow at the bay bridge. it is moving though. this is a 30 minute drive time. if you are driving in san jose we keep checking 85 unfortunately the good traffic couldn't last forever and now we have slow traffic here on 85
6:49 am
coming in as you drive through from after 87 as you drive up to highway 17. 6:48 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. we are over the oakland estuary. i brought a boat in here along yesterday. yes i did. well with help from my friend. it wasn't bad. wasn't in the way of any breeze. i picked up a little bit and things are calm. we do have some fog around. favoring the coast and inland. charged inland. it was cooler yesterday. it will be a little warmer today. and just mainly inland. there is too much in the way of low clouds there. now heaviest amounts will be
6:50 am
santa cruz mountains and points north. the wind will pick up as well and possibility of thundershowers on wednesday. we get a little low coming in. cold unstable air and the days are longer now. we will get the front moving in tomorrow. i will know a little bit more around 7:30. it looks like around noon for the north bay and points south. 30s and 40s to 50. a couple 30s to the north bay. our system is the first of what looks like to be a couple moving in. 24 in tahoe. 35 reno. upper 30s for some. i know clearlake is in there at 37. about an inch for ben lomond. about a half inch to three quarters for some.
6:51 am
sierra nevada forecast looking good as well. snow levels start off around 7,000 but end up around 4500 to 5,000 feet. so we have the fog. some of that is very low. cost, fog, a little warmer inland. inland temps are starting off clear. antioch is in there. walnut creek. danville. san ramon. 60s oakland and berkeley and alameda. cupertino at 74. 63 half-moon bay. palo alto we will go 74. it does look like a cloudy pattern with rain developing on tuesday into early wednesday. then we will get a system out of there and cloud it up saturday. it looks like more rain late saturday into sunday. apple in nexts with com cast -- in negotiations with com cast to get special
6:52 am
treatment. the two companies are talking about letting apple users stream online. that would take the place of a traditional cable set top box. and keep apple traffic out of the last mile of the internet delivery system where most of the streaming congestion occurs. target working to regain the confidence of all of its shoppers. it is offering one year of free credit monitoring after last year's data security breach. and many companies offer id theft victims free credit monitoring. but this offer is for anyone that has ever shopped at target. customers have until april 23rd to sign up. time is 6:52. she went to a chinese restaurant and ended up with a lot more than lunch. how a cookie landed a woman $421,000. also a sad story this morning a teenager in marysville being remembered as a hero. the story of how he saved his
6:53 am
girlfriend's life while tragically ending his own.
6:54 am
6:55 am
sad story this morning actor james rayborn has died at the age of 65. he recently appeared on the cable series homeland. he played the father of claire dane's character. he also appeared several hit my
6:56 am
views including meet the parents, scent of the woman,. he died friday at his home in new jersey after a long battle with skin cancer. a 16-year-old marysville boy being remembered as a hero for his sacrificing his life to save his girlfriend. hundreds of people gathered to mourn the life of moore who was killed by a train. moore pushed his girlfriend out of harms way add the last second saving her life. >> i am so grateful that she is here. but my heart is sol heavy. because mateus was amazing. everything that i would want my daughter to have for her life is an amazing man to love her and take care of her. >> the girl was hospitalized with critical injuries but her family says she is awake and talking. today grief counselors will be at the couple's school. faculty members at holy
6:57 am
names high school in oakland meet today to talk about last week's student walk out. early last week dozens of students walked out of class for an all day peaceful protest. students and parents say they are not happy with the school's plans to cut the honors program and also they don't like the school's refusal to honor cultural celebrations. school administrators expect to come up with a plan to address the student concerns at that meeting today. the clock is ticking to sign up for insurance through the state's new exchange. open enrollment for cover california ends one week from today. the state is getting the word out about the deadline with outreach events. dozens turned out over the weekend for assistance. if you will be signing up for coverage in the final days expect a lot of company. cover california expecting 20,000 people a day to sign up during the final week. time is 6:57. a woman in los gatos thanking her fortune cookie because she
6:58 am
won $421,000 in the mega millions jackpot drawing. the woman bought the ticket using the numbers on the fortune cookie at a liquor store. that is where a writtenning power ball ticket was sold last month. now she didn't pick the mega number if she had picked the right number she would have won the $240 million prize. coming up nixon mornings -- coming up next on mornings on 2 seven people funned down. we are getting a look at that gunfire. >> the dmv has an important warning for those that drive across california. it has nothing to do with those long lines. stay right here with us.
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